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Our rear mounted crane can turn 360 degrees which gives it a huge advantage over other cranes and could potentially save you money whereas other cranes would require multiple moves..

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22 Ton Crane

Rear mounted crane. This 22 ton has an efficient 101' tip height and 29 Ft Jib ready for your next lift. This crane is highly versatile as it allows the operator to move into tight spaces, is small enough to park where other larger cranes may not be able to, yet has the lifting power and height to handle a wide range of both commercial and residential jobs. .


Park it, let it work and save money.

The size of this crane and its lightweight boom allows it to extend further and lift heavier than some of the larger cranes because of its engineering. This crane is known for saving our customers time and money.


Reliable and On Time

Boom crane and equipment is well maintained and safety is always first. Our professional operators are world-class.


The Reliable Crane & Team

You can count on Bay Area Crane service for stellar and efficient lifts. You won't pay us to learn. All jobs are handled with precision, care and safety.


Boom Crane and Truck

When choosing the right crane for your job - you may or may not know which to choose from as each crane has different weight capacity limits, set up times, parking requirements etc. With the Manitex - we've found that it is one of the safest, most versatile and agile machines available.

Hourly Rates

Small, non-union family run crane service. Available to do a wide range of jobs. We'll make this process easy for you and provide you with fixed priced or hourly options to choose from..

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Positive Reviews

Our customers consistently send us genuinely grateful messages regarding our local and specialized crane lift and pick service. We truly appreciate the positive feedback and goodwill from the S.F. Bay Area clientele we serve..

Kurt at Bay Area Crane is a true professional. Knows his business, communicates, and cares that things be done right. A rarity these days.

GinaWinery Client

Kurt and his team are very thorough and do a great job with their Manitex crane. They helped lift a refrigerator from the second floor of my office and down to the first floor. I'd call them again.

FloydFilm & TV Client

This company is very professional. I called them on Saturday and they gave window of time to show up. They were perfectly on time snf the service was excellent and professional. I highly recomend Bay Area Crane Service.

KathyHVAC Contractor

Commonly Asked Questions

We assist structural steel, rebar contractors, HVAC professionals, winery and beverage facilities managers as well as Film & TV professionals. Here are some common questions about our 22 Ton Manitex crane service..

What are the crane's details?

Why the 22 Ton Manitex?

Can I save money with this crane?

What are some popular uses for this crane?

What crane is right for my job?